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You found yourself on this page because the link you entered answers your real needs. Looking for information about professionals who will help you improve SEO on your website. We are able to strengthen your visibility on the Internet enough to reach new users and sell more, faster and better!


Ecommerce SEO services – sell more easily


Sales in the e-commerce industry have changed. If you sell footwear that the user cannot find on the first page of the Google search engine, you lose. However, when it appears on the first page of Google – you win with competitors, you win the majority of customers.

Ecommerce SEO should be implemented in a way to help the customer navigate the store, and help search engine robots to index individual subpages. In the case of online store optimization, everything is important – from the product page address format to the tags used in the product description.


SEO Consulting Rates – Is it an expensive investment?


This is probably the first thought that came to your mind: “Is positioning my business in Google search very expensive?“. Depending on what positioning work you did on your website previously – the cost will be completely different. Strengthening on-site SEO, and building it from scratch is a different cost. SEO is just as important an investment as renting a warehouse, providing your services or receiving payments from customers. In the age of the internet, the emerging young generation, which buys almost only online – the right positioning of your business is key.

Positioning your brand as reliable and trustworthy is very important! Independent attempts to position your business at an amateur level may end in failure and even getting removed from Google Search Engine Pages. So to sum up – SEO services are cheap considering how many new customers you can gain. A 320% increase in organic traffic on your site is achievable. Imagine three times more users than you have now! We did that. Multiple times.


Benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization


SEO is a long-term operation. No serious agency or SEO consultant can guarantee you rapid or sudden increases. This is daily work, analysis, content creation, link acquisition, streamlining the structure of the page hierarchy, ensuring page speed, appropriate keyword density. There is no instant solution, but we have experience and know-how to shorten this process to the minimum needed.

93% of all Internet search begins on the Search Engines and 75% of users click links on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages. The main benefit of SEO is you can drive traffic to your website without spending huge amounts of money on expensive Google or Facebook Ads campaigns. Creating a few simple corrections on the content that you post on the site is a great start! Over time, however, we will need a bit more technical SEO, acquiring external links and creating a base of SEO texts.

You build trust in your clients. Most clicks on Google are made on links that have indexed you organically. People don’t quite trust the content that is being sponsored. So by displaying on the first page of Google – you win and gain trust!

Long Term Results – After the ethical SEO has been applied, it will leave you on the search engines with long-term positions and rankings as opposed to PPC, which only produces short-term results.

Good SEO = Your site is mobile friendly. For several years, Google has focused heavily on mobile websites versions. This is because nowadays about 50% of the traffic is mobile. So the website, which is not adapted to the realities of current times – loses to the competition and does not generate sales. Don’t be this business and improve SEO on your website!


SEO Services Online


SEO services grow traffic and increase revenue. That’s a fact. We will provide you offsite and onsite SEO activities. SEO audit or advanced competition analysis are the basic services you need. Secondly, a custom, personalized strategy of actions and taking care of the order in onsite and offsite activities. At the very end of SEO cooperation, ongoing analysis and daily updating of SEO activities.

End of each month is a time for reports and summaries. Our insights will be rich in specific achievements, services rendered and the growing visibility of your online business. It’s worth working on statistics, data and analyzing users’ traffic on the website – from there it’s an easy path to increase sales volume in your business.


What is the Difference Between Onsite and Offsite SEO?


Search engine optimization (SEO) should be carried out at the time of designing the page. However, any changes to improve its position can be made at any time. But you must remember that for positioning and optimization of the page you should use techniques compatible with Google algorithms. Otherwise, our activities can do more harm than good – lead to a decrease in position and even a penalty from Google.


Onsite SEO Ranking Factors


Onsite SEO means: all actions aimed at placing valuable content on the page and controlling what is happening on it. Everything that happens off the page is offsite SEO.

We have complete control over the activities on page SEO, we alter them on our own to make them SEO friendly. Work on the factors on the site allows it to be better read by robots. We should remember that taking care of these factors allows us to index our site well, help users understand what the site is about and easily navigate the structure and content of the site, which translates into higher positions in the search engine.


Offsite SEO Ranking Factors


The main elements of off-site SEO are social media activities, link building and all kinds of sponsored articles or press releases. It is worth remembering that the more links lead to our site from websites with a good reputation, the higher our pages will appear in search results. In terms of link building, the rule: the more, the better has long ceased to work.

If our site is linked to non-technical sites with a bad reputation, it will not only not be displayed on top of Google’s first page, but on the contrary – it will fall down. That is why it is worth consistently building connections with substantive websites. It is a good idea to set up a blog that will redirect valuable articles straight to our site. On the other hand, when you fail at building a diversified profile of high-quality backlinks, you’ll most definitely go down in Google’s ranking. That is why it is a good idea to build a good brand image on the Internet. Do not neglect the presence on social networks and do not avoid sponsored articles or press releases.

Both off-site and on-site SEO activities are necessary to build a lasting and positive image of your company on the internet. A good and well-thought-out strategy will contain elements of each of these two types of actions.


Avoid Common SEO Mistakes


Well done SEO for ecommerce activities allow you to increase the visibility of the page in the search engine. However, it is very easy to make a mistake that will affect the decrease in the search list. The most common mistakes include:


complicated page structure
lack of the content on your website
lack of product search engine on the site
duplicate content
keywords incorrectly used
content that does not match your user

Avoid these few categorical mistakes and finally, let your business enter a completely new level. Trust professionals and increase sales, the website traffic, and be visible on the internet.

What do we do exactly?


Because we think of countless factors that impact your campaign performance.






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