Mobile Apps Marketing


Mobile app marketing is a solution that will raise your application above the competition and help you reach hundreds of thousands of users. It really is possible!

Which path should you choose? Send the user directly to your mobile application? Or perhaps you should make sure that each potential user has seen your ads at least twice so your app has higher brand awareness? What works better and what should you focus on? We know perfectly what your application needs because we have a lot of experience in promoting apps and introducing them to the market.


Why engage in mobile application marketing?


Although good mobile applications defend themselves, they should reach a specific group of users before this happens. Without promotional activities and proper content optimization, creating mobile applications is simply pointless. The enormity of similar creations means that new application can only hit the depths of the App Store or Google Play instead of the user’s hands.


How to promote a mobile application


Is your application development coming to an end? Congratulations, the most difficult part is already behind you. Almost. It’s time to learn about effective ways to market mobile applications so that they actually see the light of day. A well-thought-out marketing strategy will help your mobile application come into existence – opinions as of the moment of launching promotional activities are divided. Their implementation should be planned in advance, but it is better to avoid the false start of your mobile app campaign.

Therefore, if you are still struggling with the process of creating a mobile application – refrain from announcing its entry into the market. However, if a launch is already at your fingertips, giving it more publicity really makes sense.


Build a personal brand!


Nothing sells so well today as simply the man we know and trust. This is logical, but quite time-consuming. If you have not focused on building a brand before starting to create a mobile application, it is now too late. Maybe you are still creating your application and you have some time to start your personal brand? If so, don’t hesitate a second!


Create valuable content – apps, and blog!


This point is directly correlated with the construction of a personal brand. Today, the only marketing that inspires confidence is content marketing. You share knowledge, build an expert brand, provide real value, and thus sell! Today, creating content is, first of all, a great form of contact with the user. Animated infographics, blog entries, or a nicely released e-book are the foundation of a professional mobile app marketing strategy.

Caring for content optimization in terms of search engines and application stores should be the basis for marketing mobile applications – provided that your application is useful and engaging. Even the best content will not help if the product itself does not meet the user’s expectations.


App Store Optimization


App Store Optimization, i.e. content creation and optimization as well as positioning of apps in application stores. The higher the app is ranked in the app store, the more visible it will be. Greater visibility means increased traffic and with a little luck – more installation of the application. It sounds logical, but many factors influence the whole process.

As we have already mentioned, App Store Optimization has the chance to work only if the application itself is engaging, useful, and well designed, because the response of users is a very important factor affecting the ranking in the app store. Good ratings and positive reviews usually point to a laudable application, though other metrics also influence it.

Using application stores is the most popular way to search for applications. Users want to download a specific product and are actively looking for it, so it is much easier to encourage them to act at this stage. Invest in content optimization and positioning the application so that your product stands out from the competition. And if you’re wondering how to achieve it – contact us!

Pay attention to the appropriate selection of key phrases, the name and description of your application. It’s smart to hire an experienced copywriter. The relevant text is able to draw the customers attention and convince them to perform a specific action (download your application).


Tell your friends’ friends about your mobile application


Do you know what it means? Your first customers are right there – literally! Show your applications to people you are in touch with. Ask them to test the application and rate it on Google Play or the App Store. Nothing winds the market up like word of mouth. At first you do not need a thousand downloads. Be happy with a hundred. Everyone started somewhere, don’t think that you are starting from a scratch because as you can see there is always someone next to you who will gladly support you in mobile app marketing!


Mobile App Marketing Strategy – nothing easier!


The strategy for mobile app marketing is not at all complicated, but it is comprehensive. These are two different concepts. Our approach allows using your resources and adjusting the strategy of actions to your needs. It means that we are able to achieve one hundred downloads of your application as well as one hundred thousand. It all depends on the budget and dozens of other factors.

As a rule, you probably associate strategy with something very difficult and complex. This is not exactly accurate. A properly created strategy is the one that responds to real needs and challenges in both now and in the future.

After the first optimization of the page on the App Store/Google Play and prior keyword research, it is required to analyze the traffic, downloads dynamics. Support this with obtaining reviews. App Store Optimization is a long-term operation that requires a lot of work and ongoing analysis of statistics that are changing dynamically. As long as the application is developing, i.e. new functionalities appear, it can be used to further boost organic acquisition of users.


How to Promote Your Mobile App for Free?


It’s possible, seriously! In the internet age you are able to promote your application with solid competition research, analysis of existing activities, a marketing plan, and a huge supply of energy and time. First of all, if you already have a ready mobile application, you should create a website where you will direct your desired internet traffic.

The second thing is choosing the application store. Maybe you only have the Android app designed, i.e. the Google Play Store will be the obvious choice. For iOS, this will be the App Store. But don’t forget that there are alternatives that may be a better choice for your project. Less competitors give you a chance to stand out in the crowd.

Start creating content! If you already have a website where you will direct your traffic, you should naturally start getting that traffic. We recommend you to create a video or start a blog. These are really great channels to reach your customers. Also, remember that your customers are also people and are literally everywhere. You may be able to engage in an interesting discussion on LinkedIn or Facebook and invite several people to download your app. Talk, write, shoot videos, promote your application!


Hire a development team that understands your needs


Pay attention to the selection of a development team and their approach to cooperation. Do you choose specialists for whom you will be a partner and will support you and remove errors on an ongoing basis or rather cheap subcontractors of your business and risk that they will be untimely and inaccurate? However, if you have a ready application to show the world – it’s great but remember that your application should develop constantly and you should have a bunch of great developers on hand!

Based on our experience, organic users are most likely to make in-app purchases and buy subscriptions. This does not mean, however, that the users who came thanks to properly optimized paid advertising do not buy. It’s worth using multiple funnels to get people interested in your service.

Various platforms for acquiring users from paid channels (Google, Facebook, Apple, Unity) bring great results. This is proof that every opportunity used to promote your application is reaching new users. You’ve probably already heard about Google and Facebook, these are two huge platforms for creating advertising campaigns. You probably also noticed an ad of a mobile application more than once. That’s good! This is a sign that there is a place for you too.

Paid campaigns in Apple Ads or Unity Ads are great, slightly less popular solutions that bring great results. Sometimes it is enough to optimize your campaigns and understand the customer’s needs, and we can easily reach the person who will be fascinated by your app. Trust our selection of the platform that we will use to promote your application. We’ve promoted dozens of applications and we know what to focus on and what to put aside.


Because we think of countless factors that impact your campaign performance.






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