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Offering the right service to the right person at the right time – that’s what we call Marketing Automation. A huge saving of time and money caused an explosion of interest in this topic. Keep scrolling!

Over 70% of e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned. It obviously does not mean that your customers don’t want to buy your products. You just didn’t convince them enough. It’s worth refreshing contact with them and try again, harder! The use of marketing automation is a bit like hiring a new person for your company who understands the specifics of your business perfectly and does not need time to adjust.


Marketing Automation strategy

What we always do in the first place is simply a concrete analysis of past activities and a broader view of the spectrum of current projects. Maybe we can automate 80% of your business or maybe just one process? In any case, even a small change and simplification can help you grow your business.


Why do you need Marketing Automation?

You need to automate your marketing because you want to devote your precious time to decision making and business development. Wasting time on activities that you can automate and not spend tens of hours on them is crucial! Free yourself from repetitive actions, sending emails, replying to simple queries, guessing who your customer is or trying to figure out what users are looking for on your website.


How can Marketing Automation services help you?


Your marketing team will focus on more important matters
​At a time when your marketing team does not have to focus on small things like planning to send emails and manually distributing them, choosing the right list, the right time etc. – they have more time. When employees are able to relieve themselves of repetitive work and direct their attention to company’s growth – you win and overtake the competition.
Plan long-term with ease
You do not focus on repetitive activities, but you can implement comprehensive strategies that allow you to almost fully automate your business? This is great news. Trust our expertise, let’s go a step further and plan marketing activities in a long-term approach.
Understand your customers and be closer with them
​There’s nothing wrong with automated email delivery. From the customer’s perspective, automation will make you service providers who always deliver messages on time and personalized accordingly.


Our Marketing Automation Service Offerings

It is important to have real and everyday contact with your customers these days. Today’s business is often no longer based on traditional sales that took place face to face. What matters today is the accuracy of the message and its frequency. Automated marketing gives you these two things at once, at a very low cost!


What does marketing automation do?


​Marketing automation is a response to all activities that marketers have undertaken over the decades. Simplifying tedious processes in a few mouse clicks is an amazing advantage that at the same time saves both money and time. Imagine that you need to send a message to 500 potential customers and that you have to do it every week at a similar time. This is an uncountable number of hours of hard and arduous work. Why waste time if you can spend it on getting more sales?


Apply our marketing automation best practices today!


Create your customer's persona
​You can develop it based on current customers who have been with you for many years, or you can sign up the name of your dream customer who you have not yet found.
Collect all possible customer data
In the era of behaviour tracking tools, you can really learn literally everything about your customer. You can also find out how many percent of your website your prospect has crawled, average time your website visitors spent on the site, reasons why there are so many abandoned carts and many more. Use that knowledge to personalize User Experience and increase Conversion Rate. Not collecting such valuable information is a huge waste of cash, and thus customers. The moment you can get to know all this data specifically – you can automate marketing and simplify many processes. It is really that simple.
Custom Journey - don't miss it!
If someone comes to your site, adds 15 items to the cart and suddenly goes out – it doesn’t mean that you scared the customer away. Marketing Automation will allow you to communicate with these would-be customers and notify them of the unfinished sales. If they don’t respond? Well, we have our ways of warming up their purchase intent.
Recommend products and services - constantly!
Sometimes customers give up because the item they found themselves in your store did not quite meet their expectations. Your job is to recommend a related product that solves their problem. To do this, you need to create a marketing strategy that will allow you to communicate with these people and remind them about your services or products.

Test your marketing

You don’t really know what works and what doesn’t without creating A/B tests. You need a specific analysis of your activities, tracking the consumer path, changing the content of automated emails or changing the design of graphics that are automatically uploaded to social media. Why? Because when you scale up your operation even a 1% increase in Conversion Rate can mean huge amounts of extra income. Fight for it by implementing small changes that work better for your audience.


Who uses Marketing Automation?

Automation appears in the life of every entrepreneur at the beginning of the day. Every company that wants to rise to its heights must properly limit the time spent on repetitive activities and focus on creative work. Of course, there are companies that are not interested in automation and customer acquisition on a new, unlimited scale. Although the same companies will probably never hit the top of the world changing companies. You, on the other hand, can.


Where is Marketing Automaton used?

Below we present a list of our specific services that we offer and we are confident that they work. Marketing automation is not a “buzz word”. It is a service that will change your business.

Landing Pages
​If your customers are interested in your message and they would like to know more – the landing page solves your and their problem. You are able to visually present the solution to the problem and encourage the customer to interact with your company and the customer gets specific knowledge and solution to the problem. A classic example of a win-win situation.
Marketing analytics
​We need to analyze users traffic pattern and behavior in order to clarify and improve your website. It happens that what you like as an entrepreneur often does not quite meet the tastes of your recipient. We must avoid such situations and you must work on hard data and statistics.
E-mail marketing
​Automating emails and its personalization is the key to success today. People love to get messages they can identify with.
CRM Integration
Connecting the appropriate CRM (customer relationship management) software with your marketing automation strategy allows you to create a specific path of steps that lead your clients from entering the site, through their interest in the product and finally – the sale. Establishing automated emailing in CRM and establishing the form of communication is a great simplification!


You don’t know why people visit your website. You don’t know whether they will become your customers either. But what you may know are the chances of someone becoming your customer. You may also increase the chances of converting a random visitor to a paying customer. All that is possible thanks to marketing and sales automation.


Because we think of countless factors that impact your campaign performance.






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