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Staying up to the updates
The Google Ads advertising system is constantly being developed, giving the possibility of creating advanced campaigns, enabling detailed targeting and in-depth analysis. New solutions are introduced to the market, e.g. popular Google Shopping Ads or application promotion. All changes are introduced in order to better achieve the company’s goals.
Customize your message
​​Thanks to this paid advertising system (PPC) you are able to reach your potential customers. An important element is a fact that you can personalize the message and adapt it to the appropriate recipient. Thanks to this, meeting your tastes and specific needs within a certain period of time, you can increase your sales by several hundred percent.
Google Ads - Your greatest ally
Google AdWords will become the best marketing investment your business has ever made. However, you must remember that if even one element does not play in this puzzle, you may find that you spend your money unnecessarily. That is why many business owners decide to use the services of a professional agency.
Updating your campaign daily
​You want to be sure that each of these areas will be properly diagnosed and configured. In such a way that the investment turns out to be an investment and not an unnecessary expense. WIth proper analytics it will be easy to determine how many clients the campaign attracted, and as a consequence, how many orders were required to reach satisfactory ROI


Google AdWords vs Facebook Advertising – which one you should choose?


​If we think about Display Ads it all depends on the specific needs and their dependence on the business context and potential customers. If you want to build your personal brand and you care about creating relationships with customers, Facebook Ads will work great here as well. However, if you care about answering a specific query of your users, solving there problem and finally selling your service – you need Google Ads.

​Both platforms will generate sales and queries, but they will go in a completely different way to approach a potential customer. The Omni-channel strategy that combines the use of Facebook Ads and Google Ads is able to warm up your audience and make them want buy your products. In times when users use different platforms, different devices and (most importantly) they have different purchase intents – it is worth appearing everywhere. Just make sure that you display your ads with the right message at the right time.


How does Google Ads Work

Google Ads is an advertising system created by Google that allows you to buy paid advertising in search results or on the advertising network made of about 2 million partner sites and apps (including YouTube). Earlier this system was called AdWords and the name still enjoys greater recognition.

If there is no click – you don’t pay

​In Google Ads (AdWords) you pay only when someone clicks your ad and visits your site or calls you, i.e. when your ad is working.

​To be effective, Google AdWords advertising must be attractive and properly targeted. The idea is to outline customer profiles and target advertising according to their characteristics.

​​Flexibility of your budget

​You can start with any budget. The amount of investment depends entirely on you. The contract is very flexible – you decide on the expenses yourself.

Reach customers, not everyone

​Thanks to the option of personalization or creating groups of recipients who have been on your website in the past – you are able to reach a specific group of people. In other words: potential customers who show real interest in buying your services or products.


Google AdWords advertising services

You need less costs, better-targeted traffic, faster feedback from your customers about services you provide, more sales and, above all, you need more website traffic. Optimization of the conversion rate is directly correlated with the optimization of all kinds of ads – Google Ads is a pioneer and one of the most popular platforms in the world. We believe that thanks to the right approach to creating a persona, reworking landing pages to which you will direct your traffic – we will boost your business.

​The approach we offer is fully tailored to your needs. We only believe in campaign optimization at a highly-personalized level. Here you need advertising services that will be remembered by your client. You only have a few seconds of attention. It’s worth using them as efficiently as possible.

Google Display Network
Find a customer that doesn’t know your brand. Display ads reach multiple users at thousands of placements all over the internet. Let’s create the right ad and start selling more!
Search Campaign
Get to a specific customer who is probably interested in the type of services you offer. There is a huge likelihood that your ad is just being displayed to your future customer!
Shopping campaign
​Showing your service or product in the growing world of e-commerce is an amazing development for your company. Sell ​​more and reach a wide range of customers!


Google Advertising Companies – How to Choose the Best One?


​The use of Google Ads is a very intuitive tool. This does not mean, however, thatevery person should devote their valuable time to focusing on this time-consumingoccupation. Choosing the right company that has a huge amount of experience and alarge portfolio relative to successfully completed projects – is a great decision. It’s easy to put in a lot of cash in Google Ads, but the real skill is to generate a return – preferablyseveral hundred percent. It really is possible, the need for knowledge and daily analysisof running campaigns.


Work with us – Google Advertising Agency


Don’t waste your money

​Your funds, time and business potential require proper investment. Do not risk your brand’s good. Trust Digiffic and contact us. We are happy to present you our perspective, estimate your project and present you with an idea for your advertising campaign.

Market analysis

​We will provide you an appropriate market and direct competition analysis. We’ll make sure that you have as much data and information as possible so we can we work on specific arrangements, and do not test blindly.

Precise paid campaign personalization

​Then we will precisely tailor the advertising campaign to your recipient. We know who you want to reach, we will determine the gender, his needs and we will find out if this person was on your website. Precision is our middle name.

Testing your advertising campaign

What’s left at this point is to start running the advertising campaign and closely monitor any interactions that users make on your site. This will allow us to create new advertising creations and perform A/B tests – which will show us what works best for your business and your ads!


Because we think of countless factors that impact your campaign performance.






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