Facebook Ads campaigns


​Two and a half billion users visit Facebook per month. Two and a half billion consumers. Some of them are your customers. They just don’t know it yet. The skilful use of Facebook advertising will result in the development of your business thanks to the possibility of ad exclusions and precise targeting options. Use the most popular social media platform in the world and let’s create your first Facebook Ads Campaign!


Facebook Ads Agency – Why you should choose us?


To scale up your sales you need a working and effective advertising campaign. We have experience and skills that will help you get there. We regularly support our partners around the world and we know exactly what you need. Advertising on Facebook is one of our passions. We’re up to date with updates and we know what to do to make you sell more and what costly mistakes you should avoid at any cost.

The Facebook ad your customers need
​Business lasts as long as the customer needs your services. That is why the advertisement should hit the tastes of your recipient, not yours or ours. Tell us what industry you are from and we will tell you what steps to take to encourage your client to buy.
You will reach new customers on Facebook
​Having great relationships with existing customers and developing a business based on referrals is a great approach. However, acquiring new customers is a safe alternative and a strong business reinforcement. That is why your business is eagerly strengthened by several well-tailored clients to the specifics of your entrepreneurship.
We work on hard data - Facebook Analytics
​All Facebook advertising campaigns require daily work, updates, application of new exclusions and data analysis. That is why we make sure to check statistics on an ongoing basis and make decisions based on them.
We will give you our knowledge
We are happy to show all our activities and decisions taken while creating and updating Facebook advertising campaigns. We make sure that you have a clear transparency of our cooperation, we do not hide anything. In addition to the value in the form of an advertising campaign, you’ll get something as valuable as ads from us – knowledge and experience.


Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – see what you need!


​Facebook makes it easy to build great branding and create a closer relationship with the customer. Carousel ads, the ability to display ads in the form of video – all with a highly-adapted ad format and display time. It’s a perfect method for your company to appear as an expert in a given field.

​Standard and definitely as popular as Facebook Ads form of digital advertising is Google Ads. It’s a platform for which we do not need a fanpage. All you need is a specific budget, customer persona and a simple landing page. However, here the possibility of building the company’s credibility is definitely more difficult. The key here will be to analyze your activities and the specifics of the industry. There’s no pattern. You should strategy that will work specifically for you.


Facebook Ads Ecommerce

E-commerce on Facebook is a great opportunity for your business. Facebook has made it easier for us to transact with customers through ready plugins that facilitate transactions. Collecting contact details, distributing content and redirecting to your Landing Page – these are activities that will help you “bring your business to the next floor”.


Get a Facebook Pixel – remarketing is a king


​Is it possible to show your ad to the same person again? Yes of course. We owe this great opportunity to remarketing, which we make effective by installing Pixel on our website. Thanks to this option, we are able to regularly remind you of our services or products. This is important in the era of rapid information flow.

​Both in B2C and B2B – regular customer reminders are important. Both current customers, future customers and those with whom we have completed the transaction or cooperation. It always has a positive impact on clients, because we get to them with ads that are personalized and answer specific issue they face. The era of clichéd and boring ads is over – we live in a time of personalizing the message. Contact us today and let’s talk about your needs.


How often do you want to reach your customers on Facebook?

The correct answer is: often enough for them to buy, but so often to make them bored. The average frequency of displaying ads on Facebook depends on the ads, the traffic analysis and A/B tests. If first ads work great and people are happy to click on them – it is a clear signal that we should release them more often. On the other hand, it works similarly, if there is no traffic after your ads are online. A/B testing is a key to run a successful digital campaign.

Top funnel goals on your campaign

​There is no better social media platform to build your brand. You can build a top-funnel goal in a very simple way. You can reach billions of people on Facebook if your budget allows it. This is an abstract example, but yes – it is completely achievable.

Bottom funnel goals on your campaign

​Catching decision makers on Facebook is easy. Most consultants will tell you that it is difficult or even impossible but we know perfectly well that after applying the appropriate exclusions and narrowing the target group – we can reach a very specific target audience. Do you need to reach people who listen to Pink Floyd, are about 50 and love gardening? Your services solve their real problems and you just need someone who will create for them a great, eye-catching and interactive advertising? You couldn’t find a better place. We are a group of professionals who know every inch of Facebook.


Facebook ads ecommerce advantage? Go interactive!

Facebook definitely understands the needs of its users and knows that standard ads in the form of photos or text – have a lower CTR than a video ad, photo slider with ads or ads with augmented reality. Young generations, and thus – future generations of consumers and B2B decision makers know that the old school of marketing is no longer working. Today, the message must be fast, interesting, catching attention and solving the problem. Today, boring and clichéd advertising does not deserve attention – that’s why we create advertising campaigns on Facebook that work.

Augmented reality ads - an idea for a Facebook Ads campaign
Surely you have already met with this type of advertising on Facebook – it is an advertisement that allows you to “see something more” when you move the phone in different directions. This kind of interaction between your customer and a company makes you unique and there’s a higher chance that a potential customer will click on your ad.
Playable ads - an idea for a Facebook Ads campaign
Is it an ad or is it a fully playable game? You won’t know until you click on it. It sounds like great interactive fun that brings the consumer closer to the brand and causes the potential customer to show real interest in your services and interact with your content.
Polls ads - an idea for a Facebook Ads campaign
​Ask your consumer directly whether they prefer lace-up shoes or slip-on shoes. Additionally, you can do it in the form of a clickable and interactive video or photo ad. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the market at a very low cost.
Scale your B2B business with Advertise on Facebook
​​It is true that Google Ads is second to none when it comes to meeting the real needs of consumers – it’s thanks to the ability to respond to intentions in a literally few seconds. This is how Google search engine works, you enter a specific phrase in it and the solution to the problem automatically pops up. Facebook works on a different principle, but another does not mean inferior. When you build a strong brand around your business and regularly create content, integrate with users and give value – you automatically gain trust and sales increase. Today, the user likes to be in daily interaction with a company that inspires confidence.


Paid Ads Social Media – Where to start?


​Have you only heard that the use of Facebook ads can increase sales and help you grow your business? Or maybe you have regular increases of transactions and want to intensify them even more? In both cases, we will gladly get acquainted with your needs and create a relevant strategy that will take your business even higher.


Work with us – Paid Ads Agency


​Let’s start with developing a persona, analytics. Let’s get acquainted with your current clients’ profile and we’ll work out a model of an advertising campaign that will meet their needs. Trust the experience that has allowed us to get huge returns from ads distributed on Facebook.

We are able to reach specific people who are in the final sales funnel stage. Let’s not try to convince people who will simply not be interested in your product or service. Let’s get directly to decision-makers, clients or people who will help your business grow.


Because we think of countless factors that impact your campaign performance.






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