Facebook Ads Campaigns

The most popular social network in the world can be a great source of high-quality sales leads for most businesses. With all the information Facebook gathers on its users, from their interests and the devices they use to purchasing preferences, advertising there can be not only effective, but also – what’s more important – easy to scale up.

How to advertise on Facebook?

It doesn’t matter what the ultimate goal is: advertising on Facebook can either generate the desirable conversion rate or support you in getting there. Increasing sales in e-commerce? Boosting the volume of conversations on messenger? Collecting contact info to potential customers? Yes, yes and yes. All that and much more. Because there are numerous ways to take advantage of the data that Facebook has, and literally any business can grow with Facebook ads.

How Facebook Ads can help your company?

  • Reach campaigns to tell people about your company
  • Remarketing campaigns to remind people about your brand
  • Conversion campaigns to boost sales
  • Lead Ads campaigns to gather contact data to potential customers

Our strategy to advertise on Facebook

We think that basically anyone can design and run a campaign on Facebook. What’s more important: anyone can run a campaign that generates sales. The part where it gets tricky is optimizing ads to provide as high ROI and ROAS as possible. It includes using a proper sales funnel, A/B testing to find out the best targeting methods and the most effective ad sets, or analyzing the traffic to further reduce spending by eliminating bottlenecks.

Reaching your audience
In order to verify whether your audience is interested in your products we start a campaign to maximize their reach. Basing on interactions with it, we use remarketing to guarantee the highest ROI.
Conversion Optimization
At this stage we know exactly where, how and whom we should show our ads to provide the highest Conversion Rate. Thanks to A/B testing we decrease the cost of each conversion and increase the volume of such events.
A/B testing
Different adsets work on different people. To help you save the money, we need to determine which ads are the most effective and what really influences your audience. We’ll use that knowledge to improve our campaigns’ performance.
Warming up active users
To make sure that after visiting your website users will get closer to conversion, we analyze the traffic and take further actions to maintain high Conversion Rate.

Why Us?

Because we think of countless factors that impact your campaign performance.
Placement Placement
Cost-per-Conversion Cost-per-Conversion
Ads design
Ads design Ads design
Analytics Analytics
Sales funnel
Sales funnel Sales funnel

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They're very insightful and truly experts on Google Ads. They understood our needs, provided a customized strategy and implemented it. They provided excellent communication throughout the project, and were always analyzing and improving the ads.

- Debbie -

What they've been doing with Google Ads is beyond words. They saved a fortune on our ad spending and increased sales at the same time!

- Heather -

We work with Digiffic for almost a year now and every month we're happy to see new ideas, creative approach and strategies that work. They try to understand our business to come up with the best way to deliver the best results.

- Simon -