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Within the last years, online shopping has been dominated by big marketplaces that offer a vast selection of products. One of the biggest market players is Amazon, an American multinational platform that became the second trillion-dollar company of all time. No wonder that millions of sellers worldwide have decided to sell and advertise their products on Amazon. If you are also an active Amazon seller or if you want to start selling your products on the platform, check out how we can help you boost your sales.


Why sell on Amazon?


Amazon is one of the biggest shopping platforms worldwide. It consists of many individual sites, allowing you to sell goods on all continents. Apart from Amazon Global, you have the possibility to list your products on Amazon sites that are available in different countries, e.g. in France, Germany, the UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc. Several million people visit Amazon’s website every day and make purchases. It is also the most popular shopping site in the U.S., with over 120 million Amazon Prime members. The number of Amazon visitors and sellers is consistently increasing. The company is expanding to new markets and is starting to play an important role not only on its domestic market. The best examples can be found in Europe (Germany, France, or the UK).


Why do people prefer Amazon over online stores?


For many Internet users, shopping on Amazon is a natural thing. Instead of looking for a place to buy some goods, they simply visit Amazon and add the selected products to the shopping cart. It is a very convenient way of shopping that reduces customers’ time. However, how is it possible that despite high seller fees, Amazon listings are so competitive? This is because buyers simply love Amazon and its strict selling policies. The marketplace is merciless for sellers who do not follow the rules. One small omission, e.g. failing to respond to a customer’s message or an overly long shipping time, may lower a seller’s rating. Buying products on Amazon is therefore a guarantee of the highest quality of service, fast shipping and easy returns.


How to make good product offers on Amazon?


If you are an Amazon seller, you probably know how important good product listings are. Approachable descriptions full of useful information and product keywords are essential in order to sell a large number of products. If you want to advertise your products with the help of Amazon Advertising, remember that you should start off with listings optimization. You will need this for the majority of your campaigns. The ideal listing should contain:

  1. Title 🡪 This is the most important factor that determines if a buyer will visit your product page. It should include the name of the producer and the product, as well as the most important features and keywords.
  2. Bullet points 🡪 These are short descriptions that should be used to present the most important features and advantages of the product. The texts should refer to benefits connected with the use of the products. They shouldn’t be too long and should contain keywords.
  3. Description 🡪 This is a part in which we can present additional information concerning our products. The maximum number of characters we can use is 2000. The text should meet the expectations and needs of customers.


Amazon Advertising – what is it?


Amazon Advertising is a very complex platform for business owners that allows you to advertise your goods and brand all over Amazon and within its partner sites. The choice of advertisements is vast and includes both PPC campaigns and display ads. Some of the basic campaigns include sponsored ads that are recommended for beginners. They are easy to set up and allow for easy budget control. Although Amazon Advertising is mostly intended for people who are active Amazon sellers, the platform offers the possibility to promote products and services that are not on Amazon. In such a case display and video ads are the only choice.


Types of ads within Amazon Advertising


With constantly growing popularity, Amazon simply had to introduce its advertising system. The platform offers multiple ways of promotion. The network and its functionality may be compared to Google Ads or Facebook Ads. In general, campaigns may be divided into two basic types: PPC and display ads.


PPC campaigns


PPC ads are the quickest way to start off with Amazon Advertising. They allow you to promote products and brands in a very convenient way. When choosing this type of campaign, you pay for clicks. This means that you will be charged only if an Amazon user decides to visit your product or store page. You have three basic models of ads to choose:

  • Sponsored Products – This type of PPC campaign will help you gain visibility. Your ads will appear in the most visible places, such as on the top of search results. If your listings are well-optimized, this is the best way to promote them and to increase sales.
  • Sponsored Brands – Choosing this type of campaign, you can easily build brand awareness to increase the visibility of your products. Sponsored Brands ads are more complex than Sponsored Products and apart from products, they include your brand logo and message. The ads provide Amazon users with examples of products that may be interesting for them. The main aim of such campaigns is to connect shoppers to your products.
  • Sponsored Display – These are the CPC campaigns that appear on and off Amazon. They are available for sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors and agencies. You can use them to reach relevant audiences who are in the middle of browsing and discovering new products. Sponsored Display ads include remarketing campaigns.


DSP campaigns


Contrary to CPC ads, the cost of DSP campaigns depends on the number of people who saw your ads. This works as a type of programmatic advertising, which means that you only buy space for ads on a given website. The purpose of Amazon DSP is to reach customers that are on and off Amazon and improve sales. The advertisement can be screened within Amazon-owned apps and sites, such as IMDb. This type of ad is available to both active Amazon sellers and people who do not sell on Amazon. Amazon DSP is intended for advertisers who want to benefit from display, video and audio ads. You can use it to support a wide variety of marketing goals, e.g. as a remarketing tool or as a way to increase your brand’s awareness.


Is running Amazon Ads easy?


A wide variety of different options and advert types make using Amazon Ads difficult for all beginners. If you want to run a product campaign on your own, Amazon suggests choosing the most basic type of ads, i.e. Sponsored Products. To launch the campaign, you will need to select products, set targeting, bids, and a time frame for your campaign. You will be able to control the results of your campaign on the go and adjust it, e.g. through keyword elimination. To run your campaign, you need to know what the acceptable rates for your product category are. If you set bids that are too high, it may turn out that your campaign will generate losses. When it comes to other campaign types, they require much more technical knowledge and it may be impossible for you to set them appropriately if you are not experienced in marketing and advertising.


How can we help you?


Running Amazon Ads requires involvement and knowledge. If you don’t want to waste your time, choose an agency that specializes in marketing. We will help you at each stage of campaign preparation, from choosing relevant keywords to analyzing campaign results. We have all the necessary tools to optimize campaigns and boost sales, e.g. we use tools that prove ads automation. We will consistently control bids and advertising budget as well as follow your competitors. Our help will also include the creation of necessary graphics and texts that meet all of Amazon’s expectations . With us, you can be sure that your campaigns are always effective. Let us do the job for you!


Because we know which type of advertising on Amazon should be used to increase the Return on Investment and Return on Ad Spending. We’re a team of experienced marketers with numerous successful PPC campaigns on Amazon in our portfolio.


Because we think of countless factors that impact your campaign performance.






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