Is advertising on radio and TV dead?


Is advertising on radio and TV dead? Is digital the only thing that matters?

In fact, we’re spending much more time on the Internet than ever before. Tech advancement, significant social changes… blah blah blah. It’s obvious. It seems, that radio and TV advertising are losing the battle with digital advertising when it comes to effectiveness. But it’s really so? 


A pinch of research


Statistics give us a lot of valuable information that should be considered at the beginning. According to Statista research, what are the differences in average time spent in interested us areas? 

First of all – the internet. Daily worldwide average in 2020 was about 143 minutes of mobile consumption and 38 minutes of surfing in front of the desktop. It gives us 181 minutes per day in total.

TV and radio ads

At the same year people from all over the world spent 166 minutes daily watching TV. It’s almost 3 hours in front of the TV.  

Do you think that only older people listen to broadcast radio? Watch this. The amount of radio time spent of Millennial users in 2018 was 54 minutes. Are you surprised?

Perhaps the internet wins the battle in terms of time spent, but TV and radio have advantages on the other issues.


“Marketing megaphone”


People have been watching TV for almost 100 years and will be watching it for hundreds more. Let’s look on the common human behavior. Spending time in front of TV is usually one of our daily rituals, when we are back at our homes after work. Advertisements during a break from our favorite programs scroll spontaneously and innocently before our eyes and create consumers ambitions.

This way of advertising is constant and gives us an opportunity to acquire many of the potential customers. Abilities of TV are of course definitely bigger than the other mediums, because people watch TV content in large numbers and with passion. Therefore, television is the best way for building brand awareness or rekindle interest instead of digital marketing, which rules in reaching people, who are interested in finding something specific.

Marketing megaphone

In fact, TV is still one of the best mediums for displaying ads. According to Statista, in 2018 for every 1$ invested in TV advertising in the U.S., advertisers earned 6,5$. TV has the second-highest return on advertising spending in America that year.

To many people, who moved from television to digital media it’d be a surprise. People have indeed changed the ways and times they watch TV, but they are passionate about its content as always. And it’s worth to remember.


Radio – oldie but goodie


It used to be the main source of information and ads, but times have changed. On the other hand, radio is still a great opportunity for marketers. Let me list the advantages.

The biggest one is accessibility during travel. This way radio fills a gap with limited use of our phones or access to TV. Long car trips, standing trips by public transport, moving to and from work, you can reach a potential client everywhere.

Secondly, it’s good to know, that advertising with radio enables using human imagination – radio ads are ruled by sound, so the human imagination tends to work harder by creating images that match the intended message. It fires curiosity as well.

By targeting your audience you also can easily choose the right station for displaying your ads. Make sure what and whet your potential customers are listening to.

Radio advertising is in general the cheapest way to get your message across. You don’t need as large group of people as for digital or television advertising. As Statista said, in U.S. in 2018 radio was the only medium having 4% profit opportunity for marketers in relation between advertising spending and consumers time spent. The others had equal rates, except prints, which are, in fact, slowly dying.


Golden trio


Marketers agree that by combining the three types of advertising it’s possible to reach all parts of the marketing funnel. Known for many years forms of media aren’t being abandoned. Oh, that’s an understatement! They’re still evolving and everything indicates that they’re fine! 

Total daily worldwide time spent is therefore 401 minutes including TV, radio and the internet. Guess how many ads you can display by using all the three types of advertising, how many people you can reach. Considering that advertising on radio and TV are still alive, it sounds good – isn’t it? 


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